AWES Undergraduate Wind Engineering Prize

Final-year Engineering and Architecture students in Australasia are invited to submit a five-page summary of their undergraduate thesis/project to be judged for the AWES Undergraduate Wind Engineering prize and an award of AUS$300. The format of the 5-page submission is specified in the linked document below.

Wind engineering topics covering Meteorology, Wind loading and Structural Response (of buildings, bridges or towers), Aerodynamics, Ventilation, Wind Energy, Wind hazard and Vulnerability etc. will be accepted. Projects may include computational fluid mechanics, wind tunnel model testing, or full scale measurements broadly related to Wind Engineering.

For further information on the AWES Undergraduate Wind Engineering Prize, submission dates and requirements, please download and read the document below. For any information not covered in this document please refer questions to the AWES Secretary.

Download: Submission documents: Information, Submission.


Previous Undergraduate Prize Winners


AWES Postgraduate Wind Engineering Prize

At each AWES Workshop a Postgraduate Prize will be awarded for the most outstanding presentation by a postgraduate student. The prize will include a significant contribution towards registration, travel and accommodation expenses enabling the student to attend the next Asia-Pacific or International Conference on Wind Engineering.

To be eligible for this prize, the student must be enrolled in a postgraduate research course at an Australian or New Zealand university and have a paper accepted for presentation (not necessarily at the time of the workshop) at the next APCWE or ICWE following the workshop. Students who fulfill these requirements will automatically be assessed for the AWES Postgraduate Wind Engineering Prize at each AWES Workshop. No further submission is required.

For further information on the AWES Postgraduate Wind Engineering Prize please contact the AWES Secretary.

Previous Postgraduate Prize Winners

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