1st Australian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
7-8 February, 1991
Pokolbin, NSW, Australia



Thunderstorm downdrafts from the point of view of building design
Selvam, R., Holmes, J.
Inland penetration of Cyclone Orson
Melbourne, W.
Computation of topographic multipliers
Paterson, D., Holmes, J.
Wind flow over escarpments
Choi, E.
Fluid modeling of a heavy gas vapor detention system
Merony, R., Shin, S.
A reliability study of wind tunnel results for cladding pressures
Rofail, A., Kwok, K.
Study of wind tunnel results on building features causing very low local wind pressures
Cheung, J., Melbourne, W.
Wind loads on canopy roofs
Ginger, J.
Wind pressure distributions for a common class of fabric structures
Fernando, S., Georgiou, P.
wind-induced dynamic response of a large lattice tower
Holmes, J., Schafer, B., Banks, R.
Torsional response and vibration suppression of wind-excited tall buildings
Xu, Y., Kwok, K.
Preliminary free-vibration experiments on tuned sloshing liquid dampers
Banks, R.
Combined orthogonal base loads from the high-frequency base balance
Vorobieff, G.
Response of cable-stayed masts to turbulent wind
Haritos, N.
Interference between two circular cylinders for side by side arrangement
Zhang, H., Melbourne, W.
Direct measurement of the aerodynamic admittance of two-dimensional rectangular cylinders in smooth and turbulent flows
Sankaran, R., Jancauskas, E.
Promotion of instability during lock-in
Blackburn, H., Melbourne, W.
Wind tunnel study to reduce wind damage to low-cost plastic film crop covers
Carpenter, P.
Wind engineering research at works central laboratories
Carpenter, P., Cenek, P., Early, M., Jamieson, N.
Aerodynamics to save energy for rail freight wagons
Saunders, J., Watkins, S.
Towards AS1170.2-2000
Holmes, J.

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