11th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia



Engineering for tropical cyclones: a multi-hazard, integrated approach
Levitan, M.
The impact of Cyclone Tracy on building design in Australia
Walker, G.
Performance of roof cladding and bettens subjected to wind loads
Henderson, D., Ginger, J.
Modelling of the vulnerability of housing to tropical cyclone winds
Henderson, D., Harper, B.
Discussion on the wind climate of Kuwait and Dubai
Wood, G., Mason, M.
Wind gust factors with various turbulence intensities and length scales
Cheung, J., Melbourne, W.
A statistical modelling approach to cyclone origins
Lin, X.
Site investigation for wind power generation in complex terrain
Wong, K., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P.
Wind velocity field at Cape Moreton
Ginger, J., Harper, B.
Wind socks, they work!
Eaddy, M., Melbourne, W.
Sectional pressure tests of a twin-deck bridge Part 1: experimental techniques and effects of angle of wind incidence
Fok, C., Kwok, K., Qin, X., Hitchcock, P.
Sectional pressure tests of a twin-deck bridge Part 2: effects of gap-width on a twin-deck configuration
Fok, C., Kwok, K., Qin, X., Hitchcock, P.
Examination of the six aerodynamic admittance functions of bridge decks
Qin, X., Fok, C., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P.
Practical solutions to wake galloping in a group of cylinders
Denoon, R., Bagnara, A.
Amplitude effects on aerodynamic response of a circular cylinder in turbulent flow
Loie, A., Melbourne, W.
Forces on low-aspect ratio rectangular plates with the effect of porosity
Holmes, J.
Computer based optimisation for serviceability design of tall steel buildings
Chui, J., Chan, C.
Wind tunnel testing of the second generation wind-excited benchmark building
Tse, K., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P., Samali, B., Chan, C., Chui, J.
A parametric study of 3D effects on the wind-induced response of a tall building
Hitchcock, P., Tse, K., Kwok, K., Wong, K., Denoon, R., Thepmongkorn, S., Wood, G.
Interference effects on eccentric tall buildings
Wong, K., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P.
Estimation of the across-wind fluctuating moment and spectral density coefficient of rectangular tall buildings with various side ratios
Ha, Y., Kim, D.
Performance of an auxiliary natural ventilation system
Rofail, A., Aurelius, L.
Causes of unpleasant pedestrian wind conditions
Cochran, L.
Solutions to unpleasant pedestrian wind conditions
Cochran, L.
Comparison of wind tunnel prediction techniques for pedestrian level winds with full-scale measurements
Chiappini, C., Flay, R.
Frequency dependence of human response to uni-axial sinusoidal motion
Burton, M., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P., Denoon, R.
Narrow-band random motion: preliminary perception and performance effects
Burton, M., Denoon, R., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P.
Designing for wind driven rain
Moloney, D.
Impact of natural ventilation upon the prediction of building energy ratings
Glanville, M.
Wind and the big roof
Carfrae, T.
Measurements of dynamic properties of tall buildings
Kwok, K., Campbell, S., Tse, K., Hitchcock, P., Leung, H.
Dynamic behaviour of two tall residential buildings during two typhoons
Campbell, S., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P.
Measurement of dynamic characteristics of a tall building during construction
Moore, A., Wood, G.
Calculation of structural response to thunderstorm wind – moving average approach
Choi, E.
Loading of a very tall building in a simulated downburst wind field
Mason, M., Wood, G.
Observations on tornado damage to residential structures in Bendigo
Edwards, M., Lin, X., Corby, N.
Aerodynamics and trajectories of windborne debris, part 1: compact objects
Holmes, J., Letchford, C.
Aerodynamics and trajectories of windborne debris, part 2: sheet objects
Holmes, J., English, E.
Investigation of 2D wind-borne debris in wind tunnel and full-scale tests
Lin, N., Letchford, C., Holmes, J.
Wind tunnel studies on cylindrical roofs
Ahuja, A., Kumar, R.
Wind pressure distribution on low-rise buildings with projections
Sunn, A., Ahuja, A.
The vented façade and unwritten anecdotes
Melbourne, W., Cheung, J., Eaddy, M.
Sensitivity of frequency response to type of tubing
Rofail, A., Aurelius, L., Hanafi, D.
Discussion on full-scale internal pressure measurements
Wood, G., Mason, M.
Wind tunnel modelling – why move a wind tunnel?
Richards, P., Fiet, G., Breteau, X., Jorritsma, M.
Experiences of wind engineering major building structures in China
Denoon, R., To, A.

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