13th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
4-5 December, 2008
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia



Hurricane Ike, gust front and a potpourri of issues in wind engineering
Kareem, A.
Impacts of climate change on tropical cyclone hazard: current understanding and future directions
Arthur, W., Griffin, J., Cechet, R.
Impacts of climate change on wind risk in Tasmania: A sensitivity study in preparation for the Climate Futures Tasmania CERF project
Cechet, B., Divi, C.
Three-dimensional simulation of downburst winds
Mason, M., Wood, G., Fletcher, D.
Trends in Victorian wind climate
Fricke, H., Bekele, S.
Diurnal wind characteristics and WTG loading
Swalwell, K., Chad, C., Schwartz, S., Wright, A., Oje, H., Anders, A.
Bimodal Weibull distribution fit for climatic wind speed histogram
Xu, Z., Bekele, S., Mikitiuk, M., Isyumov, N., Ho, E.
Determining severe wind hazard using a regional climate model
Sanabria, L., Cechet, R.
Reanalysis of “Region A” gust wind speeds
Cechet, R., Sanabria, L.
Teaching wind engineering in the 21st century: a co-player approach
Cheung, J.
A wind tunnel study of the drag coefficient over steep sinusoid waves
Zachry, B., Letchford, C.
Internal pressure with varying sizes of dominant openings and volumes – model studies
Ginger, J., Kim, P.
Effects of building height and spacing on pedestrian-level wind environment
Tsang, C., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P.
Comparison of hot film anemometer and bran erosion techniques used in wind tunnel studies to assess the pedestrian wind environment
Kepka, B., Donn, M., Carpenter, P.
Wind pressures on a permeable tile roof
Castillo, R., Ginger, J.
Rapid Inventory Collection System (RICS)
Habili, N., Corby, N., Cechet, R.
Simulation of cyclonic wind loads on roof cladding
Henderson, D., Ginger, J.
Tall buildings during Typhoon Kammuri using GPS
Kuang, C., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P.
Research programme: improved prediction of wind induced building motion
Carpenter, P., Cenek, P.
Galloping effects on inclined square cylinder
Shum, K., Kwok, K., Hitchcock, P.

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