15th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
23-24 February, 2012
Sydney, NSW, Australia



Urban Physics: effects of wind on comfort, energy, health and driving rain
Carmeliet, J.
Analysis of evaporative cooling in street canyons
Saneinejad, S., Defraeye, S., Blocken, B., Moonen, P., Derome, D., Carmeliet, J.
Air Ventilation Assessment (AVA) for Building Development
Kwok, K., Tse, K., Tsang, C., Wong, K.
Vortex formation above prismatic-shaped cliffs; an experimental and numerical investigation
Cochard, S., Montlaur, A., Fletcher, D., Letchford, C., Earl, T.
Study of wind speeds over hilly terrain using full-scale observations, wind tunnel simulation and CFD
Carpenter, P., Cenek, P., Revell, M., Turner, R., Flay, R., King, A.
Wind and wind hazard related research at NIWA
Moore, S., Turner, R., Revell, M., Reese, S., Webster, S.
The effect of turbulence on near wake structure of a horizontal axis wind turbine wake
Sherry, M., Sheridan, J., Jacono, D.
Improved characterisation of wind shear for determination of fatigue loading on wind turbines
Swalwell, K.
A numerical study of the updrafts over a building, with comparison to wind tunnel results
Mohamed, A., White, C., Watkins, S.
Drag coefficients for roughened circular cylinders in super-critical flow
Holmes, J., Burton, D., Fricke, H.
Characteristic wind pressures on net protection canopies
Osborn, E.
Discharge coefficients for a dominant opening in a building
Kim, P., Ginger, J.
Full-scale measurement of sail shapes and pressures
Morris, D., Le Pelley, D., Richards, P.
Wind loads on solar panels in dual-layer offset-plate arrangements
Edgar, R., Cochard, S., Stachurski, Z.
CFD simulations of the new University of Sydney boundary layer closed circuit Wind tunnel
Bertholds, A., Cochard, S., Fletcher, D.
A comparison of pedestrian wind comfort and safety criteria
Fricke, H., Holmes, J.
Survey of occupant response in wind-excited tall buildings
Selvakumar, K., Kwok, K., Lamb, S.
Experience with wind-induced building motion in Wellington, New Zealand: Motion sickness, compensatory behaviours and work location preference
Lamb, S., Kwok, K., Walton, D.
A dual-axis tall building motion simulator to investigate effects of wind-induced building motion on human
Kwok, K., Wong, K.
The application of CFD to modelling of ember attack on housing during bushfires
Leahy, M., Liow, K., Collins, D.
Innovative technologies to investigate fine-scale wind flow
Schroeder, J.
Estimates of extreme gust wind speeds from failed road-signs
Ginger, J., Holmes, J., Leitch, C., Henerson, D.
Statistical comparison of coincident wind gust measurements from Dines and cup anemometers
Cechet, R., Sanabria, L.
Calculation of wind direction multipliers using climate simulated data
Sanabria, L., Cechet, R.
Meteorological Aspects of Cyclone YASI with a focus on the Landfall Phase
Auden, A., Davidson, J.
Cyclone ‘Yasi’ windfield re-visited
Holmes, J.
Cyclone Yasi storm surge
Walker, G.
Damage to low rise buildings during Tropical Cyclone Yasi
Henerson, D., Boughton, G., Ginger, J., Holmes, J., Walker, G., Leitch, C., Somerville, L., Frye, U., Jayasinghe, N., Kim, P., Stark, G.
A survey of wind and storm surge damage following Tropical Cyclone Yasi
Corby, N., Edwards, M., Habill, N., Maqsood, T., Wehner, M.
Buildings used for shelter during Tropical Cyclone Yasi, places of refuge & public cyclone shelters in Queensland
Mullins, P.
Evaluation of HFBB analysis under the effects of surrounding buildings
Tse, K., Wong, K.
Estimation of torsional loads on tall buildings
Rofail, A., Truong, N.
Bifurcation prediction of the aeroelastic galloping model with structural and damping non-linearities
Vio, G.
Wind loads on extension of light towers at AAMI Stadium Adelaide
Mackenzie, N., Holmes, J., Rowland, G., Gaekwad, J.

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