16th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
18-19 July, 2013
Brisbane, Qld, Australia



Best practice in tropical cyclone wind hazard modelling: In search of data and emptying the skeleton cupboard
Harper, B.
What’s the gust wind speed?
Holmes, J., Ginger, J., Harper, B.
A proposal for the review of design wind speeds in tropical cyclone prone areas of Australia
Walker, G.
The maximum gusts in Cyclone ‘Olivia’ – April 10, 1996
Holmes, J., Noicos, L.
Wind speed measurements of land-falling tropical cyclones using SWIRLnet, a portable anemometer network
Henderson, D., Mason, M., Ginger, J.
Windstorms in Victoria and Southern NSW – March 21, 2013
Holmes, J.
Damage surveys following the Hobsonville Tornado in Auckland and Tropical Cyclone Evan in Samoa
Turner, R., Paulik, R., Smart, G., Bind, J., Gray, S., Yang, E., Asora, L., Leiofi, M., Flay, R.
A preliminary analysis of convective windstorm environments across Australia
Mason, M., Klotzbach, P.
A coupled parametric-CFD study for determining ages of downbursts
Abd-Elaal, E., Mills, J., Ma, X.
Wind tunnel investigation of the wake behind two porous high-rise buildings with the same porosity
Cochard, S., Paterna, E., Moonen, P., Carmeliet, J.
Embedded turbulence in the wake of buildings affecting aircraft operations
Melbourne, W., Kostas, J.
Effects of building configuration on ventilation performance of naturally-ventilated building
Cui, D., Mak, C., Kwok, K.
Numerical simulations of the mixing potential of a high-rise inclined building
Cochard, S., Paetzold, J., Fletcher, D., Earl, T., Mohamad Khairuddi, M., Fathieh, S.
The effect of varying opening areas in a windward wall on the internal to external pressure coefficient ratio of a high-rise apartment
Lamande, S., Xu, Z., Bekele, S.
Natural ventilation in hot arid environments
Peddie, K., Rofail, A.
Optimal placement of wind turbines on cliffs
Rowcroft, J., Sheridan, J., Blackburn, H., Burton, D.
DNS of escarpment flow for wind turbine siting
Xie, D., Blackburn, H., Sheridan, J.
Sustainable energy harvesting control system for wind-induced vibration control of structures
Zhang, C., Kwok, K., Ou, J.
Energy harvesting via structural control systems: a wind-excitation benchmark structural model case study
Zhang, C., Kwok, K., Ou, J.
Assessing the reliability of directional multipliers from a single station
Truong, N., Rofail, A.
From field to laboratory: Recent advancements in “full-scale” wind engineering
Masters, F.
Requirements for modelling low-rise buildings at large-scales in the Wall of Wind
Richards, P.
Examination of strata building risks from cyclonic weather by utilizing policy claims data (a pilot study)
Henderson, D., Searle, T.
Distribution of wind loads in a roof system and fragility analysis
Jayasinghe, C., Ginger, J., Henderson, D., Walker, G.
Wind loading tributaries for pierced fixed metal roof cladding
Lovisa, A., Henderson, D., Wang, V., Ginger, J.
Development of vulnerability curves to severe wind hazard of RC low-rise buildings with roof nail and screw fasteners
Hernandez, J., Veron, M., Pacheco, B.
Influence of impact locations for windborne debris impact testing on cladding products
Walther, T., Leitch, C.
Break-even economic assessment of residential housing climate adaptation strategies for Sydney
Stewart, M.
On the complementary nature of resilient building design and wind engineering
Cochran, L., Derickson, R.
Prevention study on rain-wind-induced vibration of inclined cables
Ma, X.
Monitoring of wind-induced building motion and comparison with wind tunnel measurements
Carpenter, P., Cenek, P., Flay, R.
Wind induced vibration characteristics and model updating of Canton Tower Structure
Xu, H., Zhang, C., Ou, J.
AMD control analysis and parametric optimization for a wind excited tall building structure
Zhang, C.
Wireless typhoon-induced vibration measurement system for super high-rise building structures
Yu, Y., Mao, X., Zhang, C., Ou, J.
Wind Tunnel Testing for the Design of Large Porous Canopies
Osborn, E., Olivotto, M.
Effects of building lift-up design on pedestrian level wind environment
Xia, Q., Liu, X., Niu, J., Kwok, K.
The Selection and Application of Pedestrian Wind Criteria
Fricke, H.

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