Australasian Wind Engineering Society 
Workshop Program

17th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
12-13 February, 2015
Wellington, New Zealand.




AS/NZS 1170.2 – Past, present and future.

J. D. Holmes

Wind loads on contemporary Australian housing

K. I. Parackal, M. T. Humphreys, J. D. Ginger, D. J. Henderson

Loading effects on timber truss to wall connection in a contemporary house

N. Satheeskumar, D. J. Henderson, J. D. Ginger, C. H. Wang

Fastener pull out tests to determine threshold values for roof failure modes observed after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

J. Y. Hernandez Jr., H. O. Bisa, R. E. U. Longalong, R. M. Suiza, C. Orozco

Pull-through capacity design rules for steel roof battens under wind uplift load.

M. Sivapathasundaram, M. Mahendran

Wind loads on suspended conical roof structures

S. Foley, J. Ginger, B. Peoples, D. Henderson

Deployment of the Surface Weather Information Relay and Logging Network (SWIRLnet) during Tropical Cyclone Ita (2014).

M. S. Mason, D. J. Henderson

Testing of garage doors and large access doors.

S. Ingham, G. Stark

Probabilistic Analysis of Wind Effects on New Zealand House Roofs.

A. Iqbal, G. Beattie

Towards a common approach to pedestrian wind criteria for comfort.

H. W. Fricke

Pedestrian level wind assessment and directionality.

J. D. Holmes, S. A. Bekele, H. W. Fricke

Pedestrian level wind environment around isolated buildings resulted from twisted wind profiles.

X. Zhang, A. U. Weerasuriya, T. K. T. Tse, K. C. S. Kwok

The effect of wind-induced building motion in longitudinal sample of office workers in Wellington, New Zealand.

S. Lamb, K. C. S. Kwok, D. Walton

Wind speed hill shape multipliers – wind tunnel study.

P. Carpenter, N.J. Jamieson, P. D. Cenek

Torsional response of tower with a triangular planform.

A. Loie, W. H. Melbourne

Dynamic testing of long-term performance of tek screws for the Legacy Way Tunnel project, Brisbane.

P. Boesch, S. Ingham

Dynamic response of temporary structures due to wind loading.

T. Pagano, K. C. S. Kwok, A. Bishay, J. Dang

Leading edge vortex dynamics.

P. J. Richards, I. M. Viola

Comparison of predicted and measured frequencies of monopole structures.

R. Murphy, S. Liu, N. K. Truong

Wind Engineering for a Complex Structure.

N. K. Truong, A. W. Rofail

Accelerations and dampers in tall buildings.

W.H. Melbourne, M. Eaddy, J. Kostas

Bringing Wind Engineering Research into Practice – Does it Need to Take Forever?

W. Coulbourne

Wind resilience what do we mean by it?

G. R. Walker, R. Musulin

Vulnerability model development for extreme wind events.

C. Konthesingha, M. Stewart, J. D. Ginger and D. J. Henderson

On what new building project managers need to know about wind engineering.

L. Cochran, R. Derickson, R. Meroney, H. Sharp

Numerical investigation of flow control for wind turbine aerofoil using CFD.

V. V. Dighe, J. E. Cater

Dynamic analysis of a transmission line section subject to combined conductor breakage and wind loads.

F. Alminhana, F. Albermani, M. Mason

Wind effects on parabolic trough collectors at different positions in the solar field.

J. Paetzold, S. Cochard, D. F. Fletcher, A. Vassallo

Wind turbine siting on rugged cliffs.

J. Rowcroft, D. Burton, H. M. Blackburn, J. Sheridan

Improving the resilience of Australian legacy housing to severe wind events.

D. J. Smith, D. J. Henderson, J. D. Ginger

Comparison of wind speed hill-shape multipliers calculated by seven wind loading standards with full-scale measurements.

R. G. J. Flay, M. Nayyerloo, A. B. King, M. Revell

Decadal scale variations in Cook Strait (AS/NZS 1170.2 Region W) station wind speeds and some notes about some recent significant NZ wind storms.

R. Turner

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