Australasian Wind Engineering Society 
Workshop Program

18th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
6-8 July, 2016
McLaren Vale, SA, Australia




Disruptive innovation in structural and wind engineering

Charlie Thornton

Determination of turbulence intensity and roughness length from AWS data

John Holmes

Correlation of Peak Wind Loads at Batten-Truss Connections

Korah Parackal

Water Penetration into Buildings with no Structural Damage during High Winds

Geoff Boughton

Dynamic response of structures with frequencies greater than 1 Hz

Peter Bourke

Integral Length Scales in a Low-Roughness Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Matthew J. Emes

Cross-Wind Response of Cylindrical Towers with Strakes

Kirsty Tanner

Dust Devil Heights and Windspeeds: A modified model

Neil Hawkes

Wind loading of large roofs on sports facilities

Stephen Morley

Hybrid Tuned Liquid Column and Sloshing Damper: Design, Testing and Commissioning

Tony Rafail

Sensitivity of WRF-AR W simulations to the choice of physics parameterisation schemes when reconstructing Tropical Cyclone lta (2014)

Thomas Kloetzke

Simultaneous nett wind pressures on loose-laid pavers

Graeme Wood

A Review of Planning Regulations for Pedestrian Wind Effects

Harry Fricke

Multi Sector Directional Probability Integration of Wind Loads: Comparison against the Sector Method

Nicholas Truong

Patch loading for differential line tension in transmission line structures

Raghavendra Kulkarni

Correlation of Observed Wind Damage with Modelled and Measured Wind Storm Speeds

Neil Jamieson

A Tropical Cyclone Wind Event Data Set for Australia

Bruce A. Harper

The value of Convective Scale Numerical Model tools in analysing extreme wind fields during storm events and for climatological purposes

Richard Turner

A study of transmission line cascades triggered by conductor breakage and wind loads

Fabio Alminhana

The influence of freestream turbulence on the development of the bluff body shear layer transition on a square cylinder

Chris Letchford

New Research to Review New Zealand Design Wind Speeds in AS/NZS 1170.2, incorporating High Resolution Numerical Weather Modelling

Neil Jamieson

Wind Engineering for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital

Mark Gobolos

Examination of the Empirical Relationship between High-Resolution Dual-Doppler Wind Profiles and In-Situ Anemometry

Richard J. Krupar Ill

Performance analysis of a small wind turbine mounted inside a tall building

Sina Hassanli

A comparison of methods used to assess wind hazard in cyclonic regions

Kristy Butler

Codification issues associated with the new HK Wind Code

Andrew Allsop (Arup)

Ultimate Limit State Wind Loads for a Dynamically Sensitive Super Tall Tower

Mark Chatten (RWDI)

Wind Engineering of Sports Stadium Structures

Neil Mackenzie

Asymmetric wind loading on large roof structures

Graeme Wood

Internal Pressure Fluctuations in Industrial Buildings

Mitchell Humphreys

Full-scale Wind Measurements in the City of Melbourne

Michael Swaney

Vulnerability modelling for residential housing

Daniel J. Smith

Comparison of EN 1991-1-4 and AS/NZS 1170.2, an end user's perspective

Roger Murphy

Integration of wind tunnel pressure results with the structural model for a large roof in New Zealand

Anthony McBride

Wind-damage curves calibrated to recent IAG claims experience in North Queensland

Martin Tingley

Issues with and performance of very-high resolution (DX=l00m) nested configurations of the Unified Model over steep and complex terrain in New Zealand and with Tropical Cyclone Winston

Stuart Moore

Aero-Acoustic Assessment of Facades

Yong-Keat Lee

An experimental investigation of surface pressures on a rectangular cylinder during sudden-ramp flows: effects of scale ratio

Ting Yang

Tornadic Waterspout Impacts on Coastal Australia

Matt Glanville

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