Australasian Wind Engineering Society 
Workshop Program

19th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop 4-6 April, 2018 Torquay, Victoria Australia.




Design considerations and implication of stack effect in high-rise developments in hot and arid climates

Kevin Peddie

Effects of density and source location of pollutant particles on pollution dispersion around high-rise buildings

Erfan Keshavarzian

Numerical simulation of wind-driven rain in the Australasian built environment using an Eulerian multiphase model

Richard Jones

Numerical analysis of heat effects on fire wind enhancement

Esmaeel Eftekharian

LES modelling of unsteady wind flow and wind-blown flames around the Silsoe cube

Robert Ong

Station keeping of multi-rotor UAVs in windy conditions

Peter Richards

A wind-tunnel study of power output variability in scaled wind turbine farms

Kapil Chauhan

Surrogate-based aerodynamic shape optimization to enhance wind-induced vibrations of bluff bodies for energy harvesting

Gang Hu

Using flying anemometers to measure the ABL

David Tennent

A preliminary study of the vertical structure of convective outflows measured at the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory (BAO)

Matt Mason

Response characteristics of anemometers used in New Zealand

Amir Pirooz

Antenna shielding on monopole structures – Part 1 Experimental

Neil Mackenzie & Tom Moyle

Antenna shielding on monopole structures – Part 2 CFD

Tom Moyle

Aeroelastic wind tunnel tests for a Memorial Park sculpture

Joe Paetzold

Wind-induced fatigue analysis of the Lotus Tower mast

Priyan Mendis

A comparison of total design wind force estimates between traditional methods and CFD for open-framed mining structures

Robert Reis

Effects of site relocation and instrument type on recorded wind data characteristics

Amir Pirooz

Estimating tropical cyclone wind-induced losses using very high resolution numerical weather prediction

Stuart Moore

Modelling residential mitigation effectiveness for severe wind

Martin Wehner

A methodology to estimate typhoon wind vulnerability for insurance loss estimation

Navin Peiris

Wind fragility assessment for metal roof damage in non-cyclonic regions of Australia

Hao Qin

Parallels in tropical cyclone mitigation research for Australia and the U.S.

Daniel Smith

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