3rd Australian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
28-29 June, 1993
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Effect of aspect ratio on roof pressures of low-rise rectangular buildings
Sankaran, R.
Alternative pressure coefficients for low rise buildings
Syme, M., Holmes, J.
Pressure factors for edge regions on low rise building roofs
Ginger, J., Letchford, C.
Pressure correlations on a low rise building from two wind tunnels
Holmes, J., Sankaran, R.
A low velocity hot wire calibration rig
Taylor, J., Melbourne, W., Granger, C.
A turntable for dynamic testing of full scale cars at a rate of yaw
Watkins, S., Saunders, J.
A study of turbulence effects on surface pressures in separated/reattached flows
Li, Q., Melbourne, W.
Was the Harris & Deaves mean velocity profile a step in the wrong direction?
Paterson, D.
Thunderstorm damage to QEC transmission lines
Hawes, H.
On the microburst family
Spillane, K.
Some aspects of the structure of extreme convective winds and their frequency in New South Wales
Oliver, S.
Thunderstorm winds and structural design in Australia
Holmes, J.
Analytical comparison of passive control and two simple active control algorithms for a multi degree of freedom structure
Mackriell, L., Kwok, K., Samali, B.
Dynamic characteristics and wind induced response of a steel frame tower
Glanville, M., Kwok, K.
Analysis of a tension membrane HYPAR roof subjected to fuctuating wind loads
Pun, P., Letchford, C.
Wind pressures on the CAARC standard tall building model
Carpenter, P.
Glass strength under wind loading
Calderone, I., Melbourne, W.
Building downwash of plumes and plume interaction
Cheung, J.
Cladding pressures on pyramid shaped buildings
Georgiou, P., Fernando, S., Bottcher, C.
Wind field distortion about offshore oil platforms in Bass Strait
Crosby, D., Jones, I.
Wind environment assessment: A case study in the Brisbane CBD
Letchford, C., Ginger, J.
Full scale measurements of wind induced response of an 85m circular concrete tower
Denoon, R., Kwok, K.
Wind tunnel investigation of active vibration control of tall buildings
Facioni, R., Kwok, K., Samali, B.

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