4th Australian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
6-7 October, 1994
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



Internal pressures in the Texas Tech WERFL full-scale building
Ginger, J., Yeatts, B., Mehta, K.
Performance of pressure equalized rainscreen facades: A field study
Ginger, J., Yeatts, B.
Increased peak wind pressures on the Texas Tech building caused by an adjacent similar building
Carpenter, P.
Comparative study of the Texas Tech building
Rofail, A.
Determination of structural load effects from wind-tunnel tests
Holmes, J.
An open jet wind tunnel at CSIRO, Australia
Sankaran, R., Paterson, D.
Full-scale measurement of wind induced accelerations of the Brisbane airport control tower
Johnson, R., Letchford, C.
A plan for full-scale measurement of transmission line tower under wind loads
Jianchun, L., Kwok, K.
Wind driven rain: A data collection facility
Sankaran, R., Paterson, D.
A probabilistic model of severe thunderstorms for transmission line design
Li, C., Holmes, J.
On hail damage to building facades
Paterson, D., Sankaran, R.
Control of wind induced vibration of tall building by a TLCMD
Gao, H., Kwok, K., Samali, B.
The suppression of wind-induced vibrations in tall buildings by tuned mass dampers – active v’s passive
Facioni, R., Kwok, K., Samali, B.
The effectiveness of a multiple liquid column vibration absorber
Hitchcock, P., Kwok, K., Watkins, R., Samali, B.
Wind-induced vibration control of tall buildings by multiple tuned liquid column dampers
Samali, B., Templeton, D., Kwok, K.
Progress in simulation of vortex-induced vibration
Blackburn, H., Henderson, R.
Turbulence effects on pressure fluctuations in separated and reattaching flows I. Mean and fluctuating pressure distributions
Li, Q., Melbourne, W.
Turbulence effects on pressure fluctuations in separated and reattaching flows II. Peak pressures and spectrum analysis
Li, Q., Melbourne, W.
A 2-D tolerant wind tunnel for testing bodies with large blockage
Premnath, S., Glanville, M., Kwok, K.
A wind tunnel investigation of a liquid column vibration absorber
Facioni, R., Hitchcock, P., Kwok, K., Samali, B.
Dynamic response of passenger cars in turbulent winds
Nguyen, T., Saunders, J., Watkins, S.
Turbulence effects on aerodynamic noise and its relevance to road vehicle interior noise
Peric, C., Watkins, S., Lindqvist, E., Saunders, J.
Criteria for experimental simulation on passenger car engine cooling
Lin, C., Saunders, J., Watkins, S.
The Monash 1 MW wind tunnel – Bill Melbourne’s legacy
Saunders, J., Watkins, S.
Engine cooling – dynamometer simulation in a wind tunnel
Saunders, J.
On elasticity in dynamic cable equations
Stump, D.
Modelling techniques for the dynamic response of cable-stayed masts
Chiu, S., Haritos, N.
Coupled responses of rectangular tower buildings under 3-D stochastic wind load
Liang, S., Kwok, K.
Estimating line-like risk for tropical cyclones part 1 – simulation approach
Georgiou, P.
Estimating line-like risk for tropical cyclones part 2 – analytical approach
Georgiou, P.
Measured and predicted wind induced deflections of porous steel frame tower
Glanville, M., Kwok, K.
Active control of the along-wind and cross-wind acceleration of a tall building
Mackriell, L, Kwok, K., Samali, B.
From a circular structure to consulting services in wind wind engineering
Cheung, J.

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