5th Australian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
22-23 February, 1996
Tanunda, South Australia, Australia



Enhanced turbulence in terrain category transitions
Richards, P.
Flow separation from a steep escarpment
Holmes, J., Banks, R., Peavere, P.
Wind speeds over 2-dimensional hills: wind tunnel measurements and numerical simulations
Carpenter, P., Locke, N.
An empirical moving jet model of a downburst
Holmes, J., Oliver, S.
The temporal and spatial distribution of severe winds in South Australia
Watson, A.
Measurement of wind-driven rain
Choi, E.
Simultaneous pressure and velocity measurements in the vicinity of a cuboid wind tunnel model
Letchford, C., Marwood, R., Wood, C.
Pressures on a 1/10 scale model of the texas tech building
Cheung, J., Holmes, J., Melbourne, W., Lakshmanan, N., Bowditch, P.
Eigenvector modes of fluctuating external and internal pressures on a low-rise building model
Holmes, J., Sankaran, R.
Wind loading of roof purlins: Part 1 wind-tunnel test results
Holmes, J., Syme, M.
Wind loading of roof purlins: Part 2 comparisons with AS1170.2
Syme, M., Holmes, J.
Measures to reduce wind loading at the leading ends of free standing walls
Letchford, C., Robertson, A.
Windstorm insurance issues
Walker, G.
Dynamic response of 1:12 scale car model with different rear-end modifications in turbulent winds
Nguyen, T., Saunders, J., Watkins, S.
Aerodynamically induced vibration of automotive external mirrors
Oswald, G., Watkins, S., Saunders, J.
Turbulence effects on aerodynamic noise of road vehicles
Peric, C., Wakins, S., Linqvist, E.
Investigation of the effect of cross-winds on motor car cooling in a wind tunnel
Lin, C., Saunders, J., Watkins, S.
Tethered rotorcraft as a means of electricity generation at high altitudes
Roberts, B.
Pressure probes for turbulence measurement
Hooper, J.
Wake measurements using a five hole pressure probe
Locke, N., Flay, R., Jackson, P.
Full scale measurements of pressure-equalization in curtain wall systems
Choi, E., Wang, Z.
Analysis of pressure measurements through tubing systems using “MATLAB”
Carpenter, P., Locke, N.
Further development of the blockage tolerant wind tunnel concept
Glanville, M., Kwok, K.
The probability distribution of extremes
Calderone, I., Melbourne, W.
Application of the generalized pareto distribution to wind engineering
Holmes, J., Moriarty, W.
Tree cable loads during high winds: Part 1 – effects of wind excitation
Haritos, N., James, K.
Tree cable loads during high winds: Part 2 – results of tests during wind storms
James, K., Haritos, N.
Dynamic characteristics of the Sydney Airport control tower
Denoon, R.
Mast damping properties – cross-wind response
Melbourne, W., Cheung, J.
Damping properties and wind induced response of a steel frame tower fitted with liquid column vibrtation absorbers
Hitchcock, P., Glanville, M., Kwok, K.
Soil-structure-damper interaction in structural vibration induced by wind
Gao, H., Kwok, K., Samali, B.
Technology in the Americas Cup
Jackson, P.

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