7th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
28 – 29 September, 1998
Auckland, New Zealand



Aero- and hydro-dynamic aspects of America’s cup design
Oliver, C.
AWES Quality Assurance Manual Part D: Study of dynamic loading of tall buildings
Rofail, T.
Internal pressures in a high-rise building with window openings
Cheung, J., Melbourne, W.
Load combination and response combination of wind-excited tall buildings and the effect of structural eccentricity
Thepmongkom, S., Kwok, K.
Refining the prediction of acceleration response of tall buildings
Melbourne, W.
Sloshing liquid damper installation on a broadcasting tower at Mt Wellington, Tasmania
Holmes, J., Banks, R.
Full-scale and laboratory experiments to determine the effects of wind-induced building motion on cognitive efficiency
Denoon, R., Letchford, C., Kwok, K., Morrison, D.
Studies of natural frequency and damping ratio of bi-directional LCVAs
Pongburanakit, C., Hitchcock, P., Kwok, K.
Field measuremnents of perception of building motion
Denoon, R., Letchford, C., Kwok, K.
Effects of geometric scale on bi-directional LCVA characteristics
Pongburanakit, C., Hitchcock, P., Kwok, K.
Damping of wind induced vibration using active aerodynamic mechanism
Li, Y., Flay, R.
Design and installation of an adjustable mass-tuned damper
Glanville, M.
Design of a diffuser augmented wind turbine
Nash, T.
Ongoing wind energy research in Denmark
Hansen, M.
Development of diffuser designs for diffusers augmented wind turbines
Phillips, Flay, Richards, Mallinson, Nash
The design of compliant blades for wind turbines
Lee, A., Flay, R.
Design for weather tightness
Sankaran, R, Roberts
Weather performance and the comfort criteria
Sankaran, R, King, A.
Pedestrian level wind investigations using the erosion technique and computer image processing
Eaddy, M., Flay, R.
Some experiences of providing wind shelter
Carpenter, P., Locke, N.
Turbulence observations in separation eddies
Reid, S.
Spectral ratios in the rural atmospheric boundary layer
Richards, R., Hoxey, R., Short, J.
Limit state winds for a Wellington site calculated from pressure gradient data
Reid, S.
Wind loads on hillside sites
Jamieson, N.
Topographic effects in simulated thunderstorm downdrafts by wind tunnel jet
Letchford, C., Illidge, G.
An empirically derived estimate for the mean velocity profile of a thunderstorm downdraft
Wood, G., Kwok, K.
A risk model of transmission lines in severe thunderstorm winds
Oliver, S., Moriarty, W., Holmes, J.
Fluctuating wind loads on roof cladding fasteners and batten-truss connections
Ginger, J.
Full scale wind loads on a porous fabric canopy roof
Vitale, A., Letchford, C.
Natural ventilation of houses
Ginger, J., Hughes, J.
Wind loads on the frames of large bulk-storage sheds
Holmes, J.
The evolution of a versatile wind-tunnel facility
Bowen, A.
The use of chimney flow as a jet-pump to reduce emissions concentrations
Flay, R.

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