8th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
10 – 11 February, 2000
Perth, Western Australia, Australia



Severe windstorms in Western Australia
Hanstrum, B.
Wind structure and extreme wind speed prediction for four cities
Holmes, J.
Analysis of New Zealand extreme wind and comparison with AS/NZS1170.2
Reid, S.
Comparison of wind over steep escarpment using CFD, wind tunnel and full scale measurements
Glanville, M., Eghlimi, Fletcher, C.
Comparison between thunderstorm dowburst and developed boundary layer flow
Wood, G., Kwok, K., Denoon, R., Moore, A.
New Zealand gust to mean speed ratios and implications for design
Reid, S.
Wind loads on large buildings with steep roofs
Ginger, J., Hutton, C., Reardon, G.
The effects of turbulence on total loads on low rise buildings
Roy, R.
Background and resonant response of a canopy due to wind action
Cheung, J., Melbourne, W.
An experimental investigation of the effects of surface roughness and freestream turbulence on the fluctuating pressures on a circular cylinder
Eaddy, M., Melbourne, W.
Wind loads on hip end roofs
Ginger, J., Kane, R., Henderson, D.
Introducing the CLP Wind/wave Tunnel Facility at HKUST
Hitchcock, P., Kwok, K.
Wind loads on the Macau Tower – application of the effective static load approach
Holmes, J.
Case study – assessment and optimisation of natural ventilation for the University of NSW main service tunnel
Rofail, A., Fernando, S.
Reflections on thirty years of full-scale experiments and what’s next
Hoxey, R.
An exploration of wind noise in buildings
Rofail, A., Tonin, R.
The effect of trees in environmental wind studies
Moloney, D., Paton, C.
Wind-tunnel study of north-west winds over Wellington city, New Zealand
Locke, N., Carpenter, P.
The influence of thunderstorms on the dynamic response of Brisbane Airport tower, and design implications
Denoon, R., Wood, G., Letchford, C., Kwok, K.
Full-scale studies of wind conditions on subway railway platforms
Kwok, K., Lam, T, Lee, Y.
Towards serviceability aceleration criteria from wind-induced turbulent motion
Denoon, R., Letchford, C., Kwok, K.
Full-scale studies of environmental wind conditions around HKUST
Kwok, K., Lo, K., Kwok, J.
Shaping tall buildings to reduce aerodynamic excitation and response
Melbourne, W.
Practical experiences of remediation after cyclone Vance and John
Salter, R.
Cyclone Vance – Exmouth 1999
Boughton, G.
The mechanics of flying debris in severe wind storms
Holmes, J., Mullins, P.
Test criteria for flying debris for cyclone shelter buildings
Mullins, P., Holmes, J.

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