9th Australasian Wind Engineering Society Workshop
Townsville, Queensland, Australia



Studies on wind characteristics of thunderstorms
Choi, E
Wind engineering research at Texas Tech University
Letchford, C.
Non-typhoon wind conditions at Hong Kong’s Waglan Island
Hitchcock, P., Kin-sang, C., Kwok, K., Yu, C.
Development and calibration of a cup anemometer for atmospheric boundary layer full scale turbulence measurements
Glanville, M., Kwok, K.
Wind loading on a domestic flat roof with solar panels
Wood, G., Jarnason, S.
Performance of light gauge metal roof cladding subjected to cyclonic wind loading – A review
Henderson, D., Reardon, G., Ginger, J.
An engineering insight to the fundamentals of screwed sheet fastening to resist cyclic loading
Fernando, S.
Wind load effects and effective static wind loads on canopy roofs
Ginger, J., Holmes, J., Maltby, A.
Wind loads on a cube in a simulated downburst
Chay, M., Letchford, C.
Cross-wind response of a slender square prism
Denoon, R., Hitchcock, P., Kwok, K., Yu, C.
Effects of turbulence integral length scale on a smooth cylinders axial correlation length in the critical regime
Eaddy, M., Melbourne, W., Sheridan, J.
The effect of vibrating leading edge flaps on the lift on a square prism
Li, Y., Flay, R., Richards, P.
Turbulence length scales in a boundary layer wind tunnel
Cheung, J., Melbourne, W.
Distributions of extreme pressure coefficients
Holmes, J., Cochran, L.
Effects of distortion of turbulence intensity and scales of turbulence on mean peak total loads of a low rise building model
Roy, R.
Wind pressures on a 1:50 scale model of Texas Tech University Experimental building
Kwok, K., Cheng, A., Leung, T., Hitchcock, P.
Wind loads on large industrial-type buildings
Ginger, J., Holmes, J., Rodgers, H.
The interference Index: Prediction and verification
English, E.
High frequency force balance model tests
Thepmongkorn, S., Wood, G., Hitchcock, P., Kwok, K.
A long-span bridge aerodynamic representation
Nguyen, M.
Model and full scale measurements of response to wind action of a slender tall square concrete tower
Melbourne, W., Cheung, J.
Serviceability acceleration criteria for tall buildings in Hong Kong
Denoon, R.
Risk of hurricane damage and evaluating the economic viability of strengthening new and existing residential construction
Stewart, M., Rosowsky, D., Huang, Z.
Windsorm risk engineering
Beaumont, M., Thompson, J.
Tropical cyclone severe wind risk in south-east Queensland
Jones, T., Stehle, J., Lacey, R., Harper, B.
Correct simulation of the profiles of apparent wind speed and twist for testing yacht sails
Le Pelley, D., Benzie, D., Flay, R.
Micro-scale pollution modelling using a wind tunnel
Locke, N., Carpenter, P.
Aerodynamic drag measurements of bicycle wheels
Wood, G., Denoon, R.
Performance of Windtech’s slatted roof blockage tolerant boundary layer wind tunnel in 3D flow
Aurelius, L., Rofail, A.
Field damage survey of the Dubbo, NSW, windstorm of 6th January, 2001
Stehle, J., Henderson, D.
Cycling aerodynamics – development of wind tunnel testing protocols
Hitchcock, P., Denoon, R., Yu, C., Kwok, K.

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