2nd Workshop on Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
28-30 August, 1985
Highett, Victoria, Australia



The Askervein Hill experiments
Bowen, A.
Wind tunnel studies of turbulent flow over a two-dimensional ridge
Finnigan, J., Raupach, M.
Codification of topographical effects
Jackson, P.
Terrain blocking of large scale flows
Moriarty, W.
The wind in a broad valley – the La Trobe Valley of Victoria
Manins, P.
Plume concentration statistics in the atmospheric boundary layer
Sawford, B.
The development of a boundary layer in a portable wind tunnel
Tubb, J., Moore, G.
Atmospheric boundary layer simulation in two wind tunnels
Kwok, K., McDonald, P.
Point pressure measurements on model circular storage bins, silos and tanks
McDonald, P., Kwok, K.
Total load measurements on attached canopies
Jancauskas, E.
Wind loading on grandstand roofs
Melbourne, W., Cheung, J.
Wind-induced force at the truss/wall connections in a low-rise building
Jancauskas, E., Harris, J.
Wind loading on tent structures
Jackson, P.
A review of some problems in road vehicle aerodynamics
Bearman, P.
Correlation between scale model wind tunnel tests and full scale fuel consumption
Hird, T., Watkins, S.
An on-road testing procedure for determining underbody pressure distributions on vehicles
Cenek, P., Docherty, J.
The wind environment experienced by moving vehicles
Watkins, S.
Automotive engine cooling system design with particular reference to air circuit components
Chan, C., Cooper, P.
Effect of ram air and fan air on automotive heat exchanger performance
Cooper, P., Chan, C.
Acoustic properties of plates in tandem
Stoneman, S., Welsh, M, Parker, R.
Duct resonance in high pressure ratio thrust augmenting ejectors
Abdel-Fattah, A.
The start-up behaviour of a gas turbine ejector long stack system
Somoghi, M., Pleasance, G.
Measurements of Reynolds Stresses in duct flow by hot wire anemometry
Hooper, J.
Pressure fluctuation transmission in small diameter tubes comparison of theory and experiment
Holmes, J., Lewis, R.
Effects of wind tunnel blockage on streamwise surface pressures
Saathoff, P., Melbourne, W.
Flow over a blunt flat plate
Welch, L., Hourigan, K., Welsh, M.
Pressures on surface-mounted rectangular plates
Holmes, J.
The interaction of shear layers with obstacles in a flow
Morton, B.
Numerical simulation of separated and reattached flows: effect of acoustic field on heat transfer
Hourigan, K., Thompson, M.
Aeroelastic analysis of sails
Jackson, P.

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