Call for AWES Executive nominations

The term of the current AWES committee finishes at the end of this year. Interested AWES members should consider nominating themselves for the 2014-15 AWES Committee. The constitution of the AWES specifies that, “The Society shall be managed by a National Committee which shall comprise six elected persons, each of whom shall serve for a two year term, commencing on the first of January of an even numbered year. The members of the National Committee shall elect from themselves a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer and any other positions they deem appropriate. The National Committee may co-opt additional members with the proviso that the total number of the Committee does not exceed eight at any one time. Election of the National Committee shall be carried out by email ballot of the registered membership of the Society. The ballot shall be completed before the 31st December in each odd-numbered year.”

AWES Life Member George Walker has kindly agreed to again act as returning officer. If you wish to nominate for the committee please send an email to George Walker at by Thursday the 14th of November. Please include in your email a short description of yourself and the skills you would bring to the committee (no more than 200 words). This description will be emailed to AWES members along with the instructions for the email ballot. If you wish to nominate another AWES member please get their permission first and then email the nomination to George along with the 200 word description.

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