WIND LOADING HANDBOOK FOR AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND – Background to AS/NZS 1170.2 Wind Actions (2022)


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This second edition of the AWES “Wind Loading Handbook for Australia and New Zealand” is a rewrite of the 2012 Handbook and brings it into line with the 2021 edition of AS/NZS1170.2 “Structural design actions – Part 2: Wind Actions”. It also takes into account changes in other Australian Standards that have occurred since the 2012 edition was published, and gives general background information on wind loading, including the meteorology of severe wind storms that affect Australia and New Zealand and possible changes in the future climate.

The opportunity has been taken to review all of the sections of the Handbook and incorporate the latest trends and research for not only buildings but also for other structures that are covered in the Standard.

As part of the review process, examples are now included in Appendix B. These are intended to equip users with a better understanding in using the clauses in the Standard but also how to apply the principles contained therein. Note that the examples are intended to be used as a guide and also as an educational tool for structural designers, researchers, and students. It should be further noted that the examples do not cover all design conditions that one could encounter, but they do equip users with a better understanding in how to apply the principles contained therein.

The Handbook also provides useful design information that is not included in the Australian/New Zealand Standard, such as wind loading of inclined rooftop solar, more information on structural damping, and human response to wind-induced building vibrations.

Note: A paperback version of the Wind Loading Handback will be available via this website soon, and will be selling for $175 GST Inc.