AWES Workshop Proceedings

Workshop papers from all previous AWES Workshops are freely available through the links below. A searchable list of all paper titles, author names and corresponding workshop numbers is available here. At this stage this list is simply contained within a pdf document but will (hopefully) soon be replaced by a search capability on this website.

Notes on peer-review. All papers submitted at or after the 15th AWES Workshop have undergone a peer-review process prior to acceptance and publication. This included review by at least two members of the Workshop Scientific Committees or relevant experts in the area.

20th AWES Workshop (2021).
19th AWES Workshop, Victoria (2018).
18th AWES Workshop, McLaren Vale (2016)
17th AWES Workshop, Wellington (2015)
16th AWES Workshop, Brisbane (2013)

15th AWES Workshop, Sydney (2012)
14th AWES Workshop, Canberra (2010) – including Southern Hemisphere Extreme Winds Workshop
13th AWES Workshop, Hobart (2008)
12th AWES Workshop, Queenstown (2006)
11th AWES Workshop, Darwin (2004)
10th AWES Workshop, Sydney (2003)
9th AWES Workshop, Townsville (2001)
8th AWES Workshop, Perth (2000)
7th AWES Workshop, Auckland (1998)
6th AWES Workshop, Melbourne (1997)
5th AWES Workshop, Adelaide (1996)
4th AWES Workshop, Sydney (1994)
3rd AWES Workshop, Brisbane (1993)
2nd AWES Workshop, Melbourne (1992)
1st AWES Workshop, Pokolbin (1991)
2nd Workshop on Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Melbourne (1985)
1st Workshop on Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Melbourne (1984)

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